Program Coordinator & Reading Support for NEISD:
Janet Tracy


May 28 – May 30 - Dr. Kelly Burguoyne will be in the USA gathering data to finalize Texas research project with NEISD and surrounding schools on the Reading and Language Intervention.

May 29 - Parent/Child/Teacher meet and read in the library, venue and time to be announced by NEISD

June 7 - Dr. Sue Buckley to meet with Dr. Jill Allor at SMU to discuss further USA collaboration and possible grant money for developing literacy materials.

June 11  June 12 - Closed training for North East Independent School District , District wide training on RLI implementation for academic year 2013/2014.

June 15th - Region 13 Training on Behavior that is effective for Children with Down Syndrome in the classroom and social settings, open registration on Region 13 website. Training led by Dr. Sue Buckley.

At the end of this course you will:
Know what research tells us about the social development of children with Down syndrome
Know what sort of difficult behaviors they may develop and how common they are
Understand how difficult behaviors develop, why they often persist and how to effectively change them
Understand how to prevent difficult behaviors at home and at school and how to increase social competence
Understand the importance of parents and professionals working together to manage behavior

June 17   June 18 - Region 13 two day training on implementing RLI in the classroom

June 19th - Region 13 Train the Trainer event to certify Trainers in the state of Texas to roll out RLI Open registration on Region 13 website.